“When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed”

"During a critical incident, one will not rise up to meet the challenge, but will fall back to the level of their training"

Inside Threat Training and Consulting

Our goal is to present you with the instruction and training necessary to:

Protect - Respond - Recover

  1. Protect - teach you the protection needed to survive a critical incident for your staff/students and the protection to help mitigate a threat.
  2. Respond - train you the proper way to respond to a threat or dangerous situation that will be customized to fit your exact needs.
  3. Recover - help you with a recovery plan that will ensure your business will return to normal operations as quickly as possible, as recovery after a critical incident is of the upmost importance.

Let our experts help formulate and design a plan for your exact type of business, remember there is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of plan. As every business, school, healthcare facility, club, restaurant, etc. is unique in itself and requires a plan designed by professionals.
We can perform a risk/threat assessment for schools, colleges, corporate buildings, public venues, night clubs, private clubs, and banquet facilities.
We can conduct surveys & assessments, as well as help you promote training within your business/school/healthcare system, and provide the training necessary.

We provide services to:

Healthcare Facilities

Corporate Businesses


Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Places of Worship

Public & Private Sectors

We now offer Stop The Bleed Training!

We are proud to announce our Partnership / Professional Relationship with K9 First Responders

K9 First Responders, Inc. (K9FR) is a Critical Incident Mental Health Support (CIMHS) organization. K9FR Teams bridge the gap between a traumatic event and the connection to mental health supports. A compassionate presence leveraging the human-canine bond helping restore a person’s emotional and cognitive equilibrium.

References for Training

Below are just a small example of the Groups, Businesses, & Schools we have worked with.